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Advising On Construction Projects Across The Country

Last updated on October 25, 2022

A knowledgeable attorney can make or break the success of any construction project. When the stakes are so high, having counsel for regulatory compliance, insurance matters, land use and all other concerns is critical.

At the law firm of Kevin J Russell, we work on high-value construction projects in New Jersey. While many of our clients are based in the Jersey City metro area, our practice spans the state.

Some of the people and companies we represent include:

  • Property owners
  • Construction firms
  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Developers
  • Vendors
  • Insureds and insurance companies

You can rely on our firm for reliable guidance for complex residential or commercial multimillion-dollar developments.

A Broad Span Of Services

There are few issues we do not handle with regard to construction law, including:

  • Contract drafting and review
  • Compliance
  • Liens
  • Financing
  • Purchases and sales
  • Contractor disputes
  • Zoning and land use
  • Insurance claims
  • Sureties

We will advise you from the initial stages of a project to its completion. If a dispute arises, Mr. Russell assists with negotiation, mediation and litigation and is also a certified arbitrator.

Time-Efficient And Cost-Efficient Strategies

We understand the importance of cost-efficiency for our clients. We strive to keep our services efficient, so you do not have to expend unnecessary resources. With every matter we handle, we develop practical strategies designed to achieve your goal as quickly and simply as possible.

Mr. Russell also offers consulting services for in-house counsel and other construction law attorneys.

Seek Our Counsel For Your Construction Law Needs

Even if you have a challenging construction project at hand, Kevin J Russell can offer the guidance you need. You can call us at 201-360-3776 or send us an email to set up a free, no-obligation initial consultation with a lawyer.